Môh's stories • Behind the Villas

The story of a peripatetic couple that built a different kind of hospitality brand on the back of hard work, grit and never-ending curiosity.
By Cameron Johnson, Toronto

Monique recalls the first time they arrived in St. Barth in 1980 on their sailboat with 3 children in tow: ‘Gustavia’s harbour was like a mirage. We realized we had landed somewhere special.’

Monique confesses that any success she and Didier have had, either in life or business, has been a result of a potent mix of hard work and curiosity. The twin propulsion power of these two essential qualities has helped them produce more than 25 luxury properties around the world, as a simple hand-in-glove team of builder and designer. Together obstacles seem to bend in their path.

Now, closing in on retirement, their pleasure is in welcoming people to their properties.

Read their full story at www.behindthevillas.com

“Everything important that I have done can be put into a little suitcase.” Marcel Duchamp




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